The Street

We know little of the early history of The Street, but its route following a long ridge from the border extending south to the Coquet and another north-west towards Hownam, means that it must have always been an attractive way to cross the Cheviots.

Called a ‘Drove Road’ on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey maps, earlier maps only show parts of it, or tracks in the general area.  Roy’s map of the mid-18th century calls one of these the ‘Clattering Path’, although the origin of this name is unclear.

In 1543, the point where The Street meets the border was identified as one of the formal crossing points into Scotland, while the 12th century charters of Melrose Abbey refer to Herdstrete, a path along a Scottish parish boundary that seems to be very close to the current route.

For our purposes, we assume this starts near Barrowburn in Upper Coquetdale and heads up to the border, then taking the route that goes down to Hownam.  It then goes north along the minor road that leads towards Morebattle.

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