Salters Road

The Salter’s Road is a path that runs north and west through the English Cheviots from Alnham before joining Clennell Street just south of the border.

The name Salter is often attached to roads and paths and usually signifies some connection with the salt trade.  In Northumberland and Durham there were salt panning operations all along the east coast, with a centre of activity being at North and South Shields near the mouth of the Tyne.

Here, in the 18th century, there were over 100 pans producing 10,000 tons of salt a year (and a lot of tax).  They were fired with coal brought down the river from Newcastle, and the smoke was visible from the Cheviots.

The Salter’s Road would have been used by traders carrying salt north across the border.  Some produce, however probably came south as well, with cheaper Irish salt being smuggled back into England.  Most of the business was on the west coast, but there are indications that some of it made it to the north-east.

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