Buckhams Walls

Rather than a track that crosses the Cheviots, the term Buckham’s Walls describes an area in Upper Coquetdale where a broadly circular route passes through a landscape rich with history – the relics of farming communities and hundreds of years of agricultural and other activity that have left their mark on the hills.

The area would have had connections with an old Scottish track that passed through the triple set of earthworks on its way across Raeshaw Fell up to the border. This route is shown both on the Crawford and Brooke map of Roxburghshire of 1843 and on William Roy’s nearly 100 years earlier; on the northern side of the border it led down to Buchtrig Farm and thence to either Dere Street or Hownam. And the people that lived in the Buckham’s Walls area often came from Scotland, or married people from there.

The area’s southern edge runs along the Coquet, from the farm at Blindburn in the east to Fulhope in the west, while to the north it extends to within a few hundred yards of Scotland, about two miles from the river.

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