Site Information

Most of the web site needs little explanation, but here are a few hints to help you make the best use of the Border Roads.

The Cheviots describes aspects of the area – its geology and history and the plants and animals that live there (or used to).

Archaeological Features covers the typical structures and remains you will see in the landscape.

The Roads takes you to specific routes and sites.  We cover five of the roads through the hills – The Salter’s Road, Clennell Street, The Street, Buckham’s Walls and Dere Street.  For each one there is a sequence of maps, and within each map there are shaded areas or sections.  Clicking on these takes you to a Google Maps aerial image of that section, with green markers showing specific archaeological sites.  Selecting one of these gives you a brief description, usually a photograph, and often links to more information.  We provide some overlap, so sites on adjacent sections should show up as you scroll around, and an option box at top right lets you switch between the aerial view and a conventional map.

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